Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another adventure!

My orientation for home health starts tomorrow. After my last experience, I think that I'd like to stay away from nursing homes for awhile. I know that there are probably better facilities with better staff to patient ratio out there, but I think I'd rather see one patient at a time like in home health. Though I should be happy that I found work again, I really can't appreciate it that much. My boyfriend and my mom have voiced concerns regarding my safety working home health. The company that I'm working for told me that I could set the boundaries of the areas I would be able to visit, and that I can refuse any assignment I want. This makes me feel less worried, I just hope that this is carried on fully. We all know that recruiters can tell anything they want as long as they can hire the naive new nurse, right? :]

I'm a natural pessimist, yet I'm really just trying to see the good side of my situation right now. I feel as if nursing homes and home health companies are the only ones that want to hire a new grad like me. Since I know for a fact that I don't want to work in a nursing home, home health is basically my last resort. I really have to force myself to like it and at least stay for several months so I could write it on my resume. Then maybe, just maybe, those hospitals that require "6 months to a year of professional experience" will finally hire me. If not, well it's their loss and they don't deserve me :P

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